Bioactive Zinc

The importance of zinc for our cells and our health goes largely unnoticed. But zinc has a wide range of functions. More than 300 enzymatic processes in our body depends on zinc. Zinc is a vital cofactor of zinc-containing metalloenzyme systems. Zinc has a central importance in cellular energy metabolism and the “detoxification” of damaging “free radicals”. In addition, zinc is indispensable for iron metabolism. Zinc plays an outstanding role in the supply of “body energy” (ATP = adenosine tri-phosphate) and is an important mineral for the “power plants” of our body, the mitochondria. Zinc can partially detoxify (reduced resorption) cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb).

  • … protects our cells from harmful oxidative attacks by “free radicals”
  • … supports our immune system
  • … inhibits the release of histamine (anti-allergic effect)
  • … is required for normal vision
  • … is needed for hearing, smelling, tasting
  • … contributes significantly to a normal acid–base balance
  • … is central to natural hair growth
  • … is an important trace element for skin, nails and bones
  • … is important for wound healing
  • … is necessary for providing testosterone
  • … is important for our central nervous system (CNS)
  • … contributes to normal protein synthesis
  • … is important for the normal function of vitamin A
  • … is indispensable for normal fertility
  • … is a cofactor of over 300 enzymes in our body

We consistently aim for high quality. The first step towards attaining this quality and compatibility is the selection and development of the most satisfactory compounds. The “Bioactive Zinc Q-Chi” is a highly sophisticated product and contains neither bacterial residues nor pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, coloring or preservatives. High cleanliness, quality, safety and personal consultation makes Zink Q-Chi an intelligent food optimization solution for your health. An excessively high Zinc feed (> 50 mg/d) can lead to changes in the copper and iron content after several weeks.

A vegan capsule of zinc Q-Chi contains: 15 mg zinc-citrat, Vegetable magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, vegan capsule of hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose.

Consumption recommendation:
1 vegan capsule (15mg) once daily with sufficient liquid consumption. Maximum daily intake: 15 mg Zinc (150 % of the recommended daily requirement according to the nutrition labelling regulation)

Bioactive Zinc from Q-Chi