Bioactive Vitamin C

The importance of vitamin C for our defense system is well known and undisputed. But vitamin C has many other functions. Disease and early aging processes are associated with an increased occurrence of cell-damaging “free radicals”. Our body consists predominantly of water and here vitamin C is an important protection factor. Vitamin C itself plays an outstanding role in the defense against “free radicals”, but also regenerates many other “radical scavengers”.

  • ... protects our cells from harmful oxidative attacks by “free radicals”
  • ... protects the cellular fatty acids from harmful oxidative attacks by “free radicals”
  • ... protects the DNA of our body from the harmful influence of free radicals
  • ... has a vitamin E preserving-effect (reactivated “consumed” vitamin E)
  • ... stimulates our immune system
  • ... can protect against cancer
  • ... is important for messengers in our central nervous system (CNS)
  • ... improves the iron intake
  • ... is important for the function of the adrenal (stress response)
  • ... is indispensable in many detoxification reactions
  • ... protects the lining of our vessels (“endothelial protection”)
  • ... is necessary for the synthesis of bile acid and thus cholesterol degradation
  • ... has anti-allergic effects (histamine degradation)

We consistently aim for high quality. The first step towards attaining this quality and compatibility is the selection and development of the most satisfactory compounds. A vegan capsule vitamin C contains: 500 mg ascorbic acid with acerola and long-term effect. The “Bioactive Vitamin C Q-Chi” contains pure microcrystalline cellulose, which slowly releases the vitamin C. This intelligent process allows the continuous release of vitamin C in small amounts over many hours.

The “Bioactive Vitamin C Q-Chi” is costly and contains neither bacterial residues nor pesticides, fungicides or heavy metals, coloring or preservatives. The Vitamin C Q-Chi with its natural acerola and long-term effect is free from dyes to avoid possible intolerances. High purity, quality, safety and a personal consultation makes vitamin C Q-Chi for intelligent nutrition optimization for your health.

1 vegan capsule (500 mg) once daily with enough Liquid consumption. Maximum daily intake: 500 mg of vitamin C (625 % of the recommended daily requirement according to the nutrition labeling regulation).

Bioactive Vitamin C from Q-Chi