Bioactive Q10

The importance of CoEnzyme Q10 for our cells and our health has been known for many decades. CoEnzyme Q10 has a wide range of functions in all our organs. Q10 can be produced in almost all (ubiquitous) cells of our body and is required by all cells. Therefore it is named: Ubiquinon. The majority of the Q10 (about 90 %) is present in its respiratory-active, reduced form: Ubiquinol. The body is able to convert the “consumed” (oxidized) Q10 back into its active form. CoEnzyme Q10 plays an outstanding role in the supply of “body energy” (ATP = adenosine triphosphate) and is an important vital substance for the “power plants” of our body, or the mitochondria. In the mitochondria, CoEnzyme Q10 is a central element in the mitochondrial respiratory chain (complex II / III). In addition, Q10 protects the sensitive lipoproteins (fat-protein particles) from damage by “oxygen radicals”, or “oxidative stress”.

  • … ist ein zentraler Baustoff für die Energiegewinnung in unseren Zellen
  • … besitzt eine „Schrittmacherfunktion“ im zellulären Energiestoffwechsel
  • … ist ein wichtiges lipophiles (fettliebendes) Antioxidans (Radikalenfänger)
  • … reduziert die Lipidperoxidation (schützt wichtige Fett-Eiweiß-Partikel)
  • … regeneriert Vitamin E
  • … ist bedeutend für den Hormonstoffwechsel
  • … stabilisiert die Zellmembranen
  • … wird vom Nervensystem benötigt
  • … hält die Zellwände elastisch
  • … ist wichtig für den Informationsaustausch zwischen Zellen
  • … verbessert die Immunkompetenz (Steigerung der Phagozytoseaktivität der Makrophagen)
  • … ist bedeutend für die Gefäßfunktion (Endothelfunktion)
  • … hat Funktionen im Bereich der Fertilität (z.B. Spermienmobilität)

We consistently aim for high quality. The first step towards attaining this quality and compatibility is the selection and development of the most satisfactory compounds. A capsule of “Bioactive CoEnzyme Q10 Q-Chi” contains: 50 mg of pure CoEnzyme Q10 as the instant bioavailable, reduced, respiratory active Ubiquinol. The reduced form of CoEnzyme Q10 is about 3 – 4 times better absorbed than the oxidized (ubiquinone). Other therapeutic ingredients were intentionally avoided. The “Bioactive CoEnzyme Q10 Q-Chi” is easily produced and contains neither bacterial residues nor pesticides, fungicides or heavy metals, coloring or preservatives. High cleanliness, quality, safety and a personal consultation makes CoEnzyme Q10 Q-Chi for intelligent food optimization for your health. The “Bioactive CoEnzyme Q10 Q-Chi” is free from milk protein, milk sugar, gluten, yeast or genetic engineering.

1 capsule (50 mg) once or twice daily with enough liquid to eat the meals. Maximum daily intake: 100 mg CoEnzyme Q10.

Bioactive Q10 from Q-Chi