Bioactive Magnesium

The importance of Magnesium for our muscle system is well known and undisputed. But Magnesium has a wide range of other functions. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 different enzyme systems. Magnesium plays a central role in energy metabolism. Magnesium is a cofactor in the muscle and nerve metabolism and the excitatory conduction. The main task is to fill magnesium inside our cells, which is about 95 %. Magnesium plays an outstanding role in the supply of “body energy” (ATP = adenosinetriphosphate) and is an important mineral for the “power plants” of our body, the mitochondria.

  • … protects our cells from harmful oxidative attacks by “free radicals”
  • … is vital for energy production in our cells
  • … plays a central role in the metabolism of nerve cells
  • … is required for the relaxation of muscle cells
  • … can prevent muscle cramps
  • … is important for hormone metabolism
  • … is an “anti-stress mineral”
  • … reduces the release of stress hormones
  • … is necessary for providing testosterone
  • … is important for the relaxation of the blood vessels
  • … contributes to the heart’s normal heart function
  • … has a blood pressure regulating effect
  • … is indispensable in case of increased loss due to excessive welding (performance)
  • … is an activator of over 300 enzymes in our body

We consistently aim for high quality. The first step towards attaining this quality and compatibility is the selection and development of the most satisfactory compounds. A vegan capsule of Magnesium Q-Chi contains: 300 mg of magnesium with microcrystalline cellulose.

The “Bioactive Magnesium Q-Chi” is highly sophisticated produced and contains neither bacterial residues nor pesticides, fungicides or heavy metals, coloring or preservatives. High purity, quality, safety and a personal consultation make Magnesium Q-Chi the intelligent nutritional optimizer for your health.

1 vegan capsule (300 mg) once daily with suicient liquid consumption.
Maximum daily intake: 300 mg Magnesium (80 % of the recommended daily requirement according to the nutrition labeling regulation).

Bioaktives Magnesium from Q-Chi