Bioactive Copper

The importance of copper for our cells and our health is largely unknown. But copper has a wide range of functions. Copper is a vital cofactor of copper metalloenzymesystems. Copper has a central meaning in the cellular energy metabolism and the “detoxification” of damaging “free radicals”. In addition, copper is essential for iron metabolism. Copper plays an outstanding role in the supply of “body energy” (ATP = adenosine triphosphate) and is an important mineral for the “power stations” of our bodies, the mitochondria. In the mitochondria copper is a central metal in the “mitochondrial respiratory chain” (complex IV: cytochrome C-oxidase).

  • … is a central building material for energy production
  • … can prevent certain forms of blood deficiency
  • … is required for the detoxification of free radicals
  • … is needed for connective tissue
  • … is important for hormone metabolism
  • … is necessary for skin pigmentation
  • … is needed by the nervous system
  • … is a component of collagen
  • … is built into bone and cartilage
  • … is involved in the degradation of uric acid
  • … protects fat-protein particles
  • … is recommended for osteoporosis
  • … is involved in the relaxation of blood vessels
  • … helps our cells to protect against oxidative stress

We consistently aim for high quality. The first step towards efficacy and tolerability is the selection and development of preparations, the composition of which is based on the highest quality level. A vegan capsule of Copper Q-Chi contains: 1 mg Copper (copper citrate). Other components are: Vegetable magnesium stearate, citrus acid, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, vegan capsule of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. The “Bioactive Copper Q-Chi” is highly sophisticated produced and does not contain any bacterial residues nor pesticides, fungicides or heavy metals, coloring or preservatives. High purity, quality, safety and personal advice make Copper Q-Chi for intelligent food optimization for your health.

1 vegan capsule (1 mg) once daily with sufficient liquid consumption. Maximum daily intake: 1 mg copper (100 % of the recommended daily requirement according to the nutrition labeling regulation).

Bioactive Copper from Q-Chi