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The minerals and vitamins of Q-Chi Nature Products have been developed and clinically tested based on three decades of clinical experience. To maintain your health, we are constantly working to expand our product range of high-quality, natural nutrients.

An experienced team of doctors and homeopathic practitioners is always at your side to advise you. Our on-site and online training is widely accepted among patients and colleagues. We are happy if we can contribute to the preservation of your health.

About Us

From the perspective of modern, scientifically based nutritional medicine ("orthomolecular medicine"), the maintenance of health and / or the overcoming of diseases is significantly dependent on a sustained and adequate supply of minerals and vitamins.

Modern production and processing methods can repeatedly cause severe deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins.

The team of Q-Chi Nature Products under the direction of Dr. Ing. med. Michael Weber's mission is to disseminate this knowledge in order to prevent the emergence of diseases at an early stage.

Dr. Michael Weber


The basis of health is a balanced diet, which cannot be replaced by supplements. However, our high-dose individual substances can be administered individually as needed and serve to protect the cell, the mitochondria and the defense against "free radicals".

Long-term effect

Through the targeted use of vegetable additives such as cellulose, we have managed to achieve a positive long-term effect. The high-purity active ingredients are continuously absorbed over a longer period of time and made available to the body.

Vegan, of course

All our substances are of natural origin, substances whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. For all products with special powder formulations, the use of animal protein is deliberately avoided. These are purely vegan. All products are free of colorants and preservatives.

High quality

All our products are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical quality standards. Only by absolute necessity are additional and auxiliary materials used and of which, are made from natural origin.


The product range of Q-Chi Nature Products contains vitamins, micronutrients, mineral combinations, phytotherapeutics as well as laser devices for patients.


Bioactive Zinc

In vegan capsule

Bioactive Vitamin C

Natural acerola in vegan capsule

Bioactive CoEnzym Q10


Bioactive Copper

In vegan capsule

Bioactive Magnesium

In vegan capsule


Welcome, Here you can find an introduction and further education about the basics of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The targeted use of vitamins and micronutrients cannot replace a balanced diet, but it is a progressive field for the prevention of many, so-called, common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or diseases of the central nervous system.

Follow our videos and learn more about the exciting metabolic processes in our body.

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